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Welcome to Wiki Wiki Shave Ice!

  What is Wiki Wiki Shave Ice?

Wiki Wiki Shave Ice is a mobile shave ice catering company that specializes in authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice that is hard to find locally. This refreshing Hawaiian treat is perfect anytime and at any event.  With our unique style, we will bring a little bit of paradise and tropical atmosphere to your event. 

We are committed to quality, great tasting Shave Ice and making sure your event is enjoyed and remembered by all.

We look forward to seeing you with a
Wiki Wiki Shave Ice in your hand soon! 

   Who is Wiki Wiki Shave Ice?

Wiki Wiki
Shave Ice is a family owned and operated business by Van and Sheri Yamamoto and their two sons, Shane and Tyler.  We are based in Orange County, California and call the city of Tustin our home. 

                 Est. 2010

Like many Shave Ice business, Wiki Wiki Shave Ice started as a family idea.  We established our business in 2010 when we turned an "unfortunate situation" into a "fortunate situation" and have never looked back. 

We are excited about what Wiki Wiki has to offer and share with our community.

What is Shave Ice?

"Shave Ice" not "Shaved Ice with a D" is a tropical cool and refreshing Hawaiian treat. 

Shave Ice traces its history to Japan, where it is known as Kakigori and dates back to the Heian Period. Shave Ice gained world-wide popularity after Japanese plantation workers immigrated to the Hawaiian Islands and took their traditional dessert with them. They made Shave Ice from shaving large blocks of ice using Japanese swords which were family heirlooms.
What makes Wiki Wiki 
a popular favorite?

Wiki Wiki only shaves using a real Ice Block Shaver, the way it is done in Hawaii.  All of our machines are NSF approved. 

 Our ice is, " fluffy not crunchy", like the others that claim they are Shave Ice. 

We call those with crunchy ice "Snow Cones."  Snow Cones can't compare to the soft texture of our Wiki Wiki Shave Ice.
Our Shave Ice is made only using the finest ingredients.  We take pride in every Shave Ice we make. 

        It is our commitment to make 
 EVERY Shave Ice our BEST Shave Ice!


While others claim that they can shave their ice faster, they certainly are not shaving it fluffier.  Wiki Wiki will not compromise speed for fluffiness. We shave using only block ice, so that the lightest, fluffiest snow is used in making your Shave Ice.  This allows the syrup to absorb all the way through, instead of puddling at the bottom of your cup.

We have 30 delicious Wiki Wiki Flavors made using only Pure Cane Sugar, not high fructose syrups.
We also offer 6 Sugar Free options. 

All of our Wiki Wiki Flavors are Gluten Free, Peanut Allergy Free, Non-Fat and Non-Dairy Free so they can be enjoyed by all.  

We also offer many Wiki Extras such as Ice Cream, Sweet Condensed Milk, Azuki Beans, Li Hing Mui Powder, Chili Powder and Sour Spray.  

Create your own combination from any of our 30 flavors and extras or try one of our Wiki Wiki Favorites.  Check out our full menu, list of flavors and extras on our Menu Page.