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Wiki Wiki Flavors ...

Bahama Mama                 Coconut                        Horchata                        Pina Colada

Banana                               Cotton Candy              Lemon-Lime                  Pineapple
Blue Raspberry                Dill Pickle                      Lime                                Root Beer
Bubble Gum                      Grape                             Lychee                            Strawberry
Butter Cream                   Green Apple                 Mango                             Tamarind

Cake Batter                      Guava                             Orange                            Tiger's Blood

Cherry                                Honeydew Melon        Passion Fruit                 Watermelon

Sugar Free Flavors ...

Banana                       Pina Colada                       Strawberry               
Blue Raspberry        Root Beer                           Tiger's Blood

Wiki Wiki Extras/Add-Ons ...

Vanilla Ice Cream                                           Azuki Beans (Sweet Red Beans)
Snow Cap (Sweet Condensed Milk)           Pico Powder (Spicy)
Sour Spray                                                        Li Hing Mui Powder (Salted Plum)

Wiki Wiki Favorites ...

Wiki Dill Pickle - Pickle Syrup and Pico de Gallo Chili Powder (Spicy)

Wiki Birthday Cake - Vanilla Ice Cream, Cake Batter and Butter Cream Syrup with Sweet Condensed Milk and Sprinkles

Wiki Rainbow - Vanilla Ice Cream, Blue Raspberry, Banana and Strawberry Syrup with Sweet Condensed Milk

Wiki Unicorn Rainbow - Vanilla Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Cake Batter and Bubble Gum Syrup with Sweet Condensed Milk

Wiki Sunset - Vanilla Ice Cream, Bahama Mama, Mango and Passion Fruit Syrup with Sweet Condensed Milk

Wiki Root Beer Float - Vanilla Ice Cream, Root Beer Syrup with Sweet Condensed Milk

Wiki 50/50 - Vanilla Ice Cream, Orange Syrup with Sweet Condensed Milk

Wiki Dreamy Creamy Coconut- Vanilla Ice Cream, Coconut Syrup with Sweet Condensed Milk